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Create Jobs from a Workforce Profile
Create Jobs from a Workforce Profile

Learn how to create jobs directly for a member of your team through their Loc8 profile

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How is this different from creating jobs from the Jobs Workspace?

Creating jobs through the Jobs workspace is the most common way to start working with jobs, where the main focus is to create jobs and then dispatch them to the right team members when it's time.

But, if you already know whom to assign a particular job to, and that job hasn't been created yet, you can straightaway create that job from the team member's profile in the Workforce space. This will automatically assign that person to the job and send out job creation notification to their mobile device. 

Whom can you assign the jobs to in your Workforce? 

To know if that particular person has the permission to be assigned with jobs, just check the four main columns that indicate the assignability of that person (shown below):

Essentially, the person whom you'd like to assign the job must have Yes under the Assignable column. This comes by default if that person's profile has been created under the Type: Technician, or under Type: User with the Assignable option enabled.
For more details, check out Invite your Workforce.

Having Assignable as Yes also makes them eligible to have an account in the Loc8 Mobile app. If they already have the Loc8 Mobile app installed on their mobile devices and they've accepted your invitation to join Loc8, they can receive new job creation notifications in their in-app inbox as well as their email.
So, all they have to do next is set an appointment date and time if not already done and start working on the job.

How to create job for that person?

Select the person's profile from under the Workforce space, and go to the Jobs tab.

When you enter the Subject and Customer name, the Job ID gets created, indicating that a new job is now ready to dispatch. You can find this job in the Jobs workspace as well, with the icon/avatar image of that person, indicating the job is also available to that person on their Loc8 Mobile app.

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