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Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel Job Appointments
Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel Job Appointments

Learn how to set new appointment for a job and get familiar with rescheduling and cancelling appointments

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Setting a job appointment is one of the most common activities on Loc8 done on a daily basis that helps your team in office and in field as well as your customers by aligning the people involved through notification messages on important turn of events such as on job scheduling, rescheduling or cancellation.

In this article, we will see how to 

Scheduling/Setting up a New Job Appointment

Go to the Jobs workspace and select the job you want to set an appointment for.

Rescheduling an Appointment

You can reschedule appointment while the job is in Open or In Progress (i.e. Enroute, On Site or Checked Out) statuses.

Cancelling the Appointment

To cancel the appointment, just click the current appointment date and select Cancel Appointment.

Each time an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled, you can set up automatic notifications to update workforce and customers, who will be notified through in-app messages and/or emails. To know more about automating notifications, please read Configure Rules to Enable Process Automations and Notifications.

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