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Disable a User or Technician License in your Workforce
Disable a User or Technician License in your Workforce

Learn how to temporarily disable a License User or Technician to prevent them from accessing the Loc8 system

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Any person in your workforce under the License User or Technician, who is no longer available to take up new job requests for known or unknown period of time can now be disabled from accessing the Loc8 system. A few examples of when you may disable a license are: they are on leave, they do not work for your organisation any longer or they do not require Loc8 access due to change in position title etc..

Once disabled, their login credentials will fail, preventing them from accessing the Loc8 system. However, the disabling action can be easily reverted as and when necessary.

Disabling a license will not disrupt, delete or modify the data associated with them in any way, this includes their past appointments, work logs and any other information in history.

When assigning a job, you will still see the disabled users and technicians in the list of available assignees. This enables you to plan future job appointments for the disabled user or technician when they join back.

For all the job appointments that were due to attend by the disabled user or technician, you should consider reassigning to someone else.

NOTE: Disabling action is permitted only for Licenses User and Technician. It does not include Contractors, as you can already disable a Contractor by removing their Loc8 Portal access from their profile inspector in the Workforce area. The portal login is the only way through which they access the Loc8 system.

For know how disabling users and technicians affect your billing period, see the FAQ "I'm part way through the billing period, what happens if I remove or disable a user or technician?" in Billing and Payment.

STEP 1 Go to the Workforce workspace and select the person you want to disable the access. Check that their License Type is User or Technician. In the example, we will disable a person under License Type Technician.

STEP 2 From the person's profile, select the option to Disable technician (or Disable user as applicable).

STEP 3 A message informs you about what you should expect on disabling the person. Continue disabling if you're sure about revoking the access.

Disabling is not a permanent step that you cannot revert to. If by any chance the user or technician needs to be reinstated at the earliest, just click the Enable link as shown below to have the permissions back as before:

The Disabled message in the alert box indicates the person does not have permissions to the Loc8 system any longer. However, the person will still be available in the assignee list when assigning jobs, which is necessary in many scenarios.

If you choose to remove the person from the assignee list, to prevent faulty assignments by someone else in your workforce, just deselect Assignable on the person's profile.

Next up, see how disabling a user or technician can impact the use of the Loc8 Mobile in Tips on Loc8 Mobile Issues or see how to Create Jobs from Workforce Profile.

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