Tips on Loc8 Mobile Issues

Learn how to tackle the scenarios when the Loc8 Mobile may seem to have issues

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Reset and Sync

Many a times erroneous data can cause performance issues in the mobile app. When you comes across such a scenario, the best way to resolve the issue is through the Reset and Sync option to allow the app to override all of its data with the last good data that is saved in your Loc8 serve. Once you do so, you will instantly notice a substantial improvement in the app performance.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that when you trigger the Reset and Sync option, the any recent changes that were made in the Loc8 Mobile app will be lost as they were not yet saved to the server.

STEP 1 Open the main menu items using the Loc8 button and go to the Settings screen.

STEP 2 Navigate to the reset and sync data option. 

STEP 3 Confirm that you want to reset and sync up your data.

In a few minutes, your data will be refreshed. Please note that the data might not be exactly where you left off, as this is the last saved data that's synced with the server.

Loc8 Mobile Login Fails Even Though My Credentials are Right

It's ikely that your license has been disabled by the Subscriber/Admin.

How does disabling a user or technician impact the use of Loc8 Mobile?

If a user or technician was disabled while they were offline / without reception then the mobile app will not be aware that they were disabled. As such they will still have access to any data that was downloaded onto their device. As soon as they regain connectivity they will be prevented from logging in again. Likewise, if they have been working in offline mode there may be data on their device that hasn't yet synced back to the server. As such, when you disable them their data may effectively become orphaned on their device until you re-enable their access.

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