In this article, we will see how to create a profile for a person who contacts you directly to get the works done at their site by following the steps in the order:

  1. Choosing the individual customer type

  2. Adding a customer site

  3. Creating the customer

Note: Considering that an Individual customer corresponds with you on a one-to-one basis, you will not find any provision to link a secondary person, referred to as customer contact, for the Individual customer.

If in case your customer corresponds via any other person, say an assistant or agent, we recommend you to create the customer's profile as a Company Customer and add the additional contacts as customer contacts.

See how to Create Company Customers.

You can find more details about an Individual and Company customer in the article Introduction to Customers.


A few items you'll need in hand before you proceed to handling Individual customer:

  1. The customer's name, phone number, primary address, email address and postal address.

  2. The customer location, ideally their address

Choosing the customer type

STEP 1 If this is the first time you are adding a customer to Loc8, you can do so from the Getting Started section. Just click the ADD YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER block and select Individual.

For subsequent customer creations, you can create new customers from the Customers workspace.

STEP 2 To create a customer, you will first select the customer type, which will determine the details you need to enter. In this case, select Individual from under the CREATE button.

STEP 3 Enter the mandatory details of the customer as well as any other information you may need on a daily basis. The remaining details can be filled in later once the customer is created.

For example, an individual customer is created for the sole owner of a cafe.

Adding a customer site

Any site associated with the customer can be provided during the customer creation process. However, it is not a mandatory step, you may do so any time later.

Add the sites to keep a record of the where the customer needs your services. The sites you enter here will automatically appear in context to the customer when you create jobs for them, an example shown below:

Creating the customer

STEP 4 Lastly, go ahead and create the individual customer.

The customer is now recorded as an Individual customer in your Loc8 system.

Next up, you can create jobs for the customer. To know how to create jobs from within a particular customer's profile, see Create Jobs from a Customer's Profile.

For a generic understanding on how to create jobs, see Create a Job.

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