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Learn how to prepare a job with location details, tasks, charges and attachments, and assign it to your workforce

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This article takes you through the steps of creating a job in Loc8 accessed via browser, while providing more details on the mandatory and optional attributes that you'll come across when creating a job.

To learn more about job and its lifecycle in Loc8, read article Introduction to Jobs.
To learn more about managing jobs in field, read articles on Loc8 Mobile.

Adding the mandatory details to the job

STEP 1 Select the Jobs option from the main menu panel on the left side of your screen.

STEP 2 Open the job creation wizard and select one of the job types.  

In addition to the default job types (Work Order, Audit, Inspection), you can also have your own job types to better align with your business terminologies. For more information, see Configure Job types.

STEP 3 Fill in the subject and description for the job.

STEP 4 Specify the customer who has requested for the job.

Option 1: Select an existing customer.  

Option 2: Add a new one right from here.

In the Customer Creation wizard, fill in the customer details, with valid email address as they will receive all job notifications on that email address.

Once you have created your new customer, they will be available in the Customers area for your future use and reference.

STEP 5 Specify the location where work needs to be done.

Option 1: You may select an existing customer site, whose address will automatically fill up here.

Option 2: You can directly provide the address.

Option 3: You may type in a location name which could be just about anything that identifies the place where the job has to be done. For example, we may label just a portion of the customer's office as 'Gilbert Works' and that's where our technicians will perform the job.

STEP 6 Specify the charges applicable to the customer for the works done in the job. You have the option to charge the customer for just the tasks performed, or only the hours worked on site including the travel time, or you can  charge for both labour and tasks.
NOTE: The charge type once selected cannot be changed after the job is created. 

All the steps from here onwards are optional, though they help you to create a job with complete end-to-end details that's ready to dispatch. If you wish, you may fill them on later and for now directly jump to the last step to finish job creation.

Setting up the job priority and timeframe

STEP 7 You can set the job priority to ensure the most urgent job gets picked up by your workforce first. Priorities could be a selection criteria your workforce may use to filter jobs on their Loc8 Mobile app and action accordingly. 

Set the calendar window indicating the date and time when the job can start and when it must be completed, based on which a set of appointments can be booked within this window to enforce on-time job completion.

Specify the contact people associated with the job

STEP 8 Select those involved in the job at some phase as either the Alternate contact, Requestor and Owner. They could be a member of your workforce, in which case you would have already added them to Loc8, or people working for the company customer and whom you would have already added as contacts on the customer's profile.

All of the contacts are grouped into three categories - Workforce, Company and Company Contacts so that you can easily browse through them and select the right person associated with the job.

You can search for a contact and if you do not find them, you can add them right from here.

Specify any other references used for the job

STEP 9 Type in a company-specific identification code, tag ID, serial number or any other convention practiced in your business so that you or your team can easily find the job when referred to it through the company-specific convention at any instance. 

Add tasks to be performed while on the job 

STEP 10 You can add tasks to the job from under the Tasks tab in two ways: 

Add Basic task

A basic task is a one-off task. You can fill in the task details directly in the Item, Qty, and Unit Charge columns. 

[Applicable if you are subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise edition]
Select the asset on which the new task will be performed from under the Asset column. As a prerequisite, the required asset must have been created in Loc8, which you can do so in a new browser tab and switch back here to select it from the dropdown list.

Add Tasks from library

[Applicable if you are subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise edition]
You can automatically add tasks by choosing the task templates stored in your library. Just pick the appropriate task template, and specify the assets on which the tasks will be performed, and the rest of the details will automatically fill up for you.
As a prerequisite, the required task templates and assets must have been created in Loc8, which you can do so in a new browser tab and switch back here to select it from the dropdown list.

The task (and its subtasks as defined in the selected task template ) are added as shown below:

Attaching photos and documents

 STEP 11 Attach reference files that may assist your workforce on their way or while on site under the Files tab.

Setting up the appointment

STEP 12 Set up a suitable date and time for the works to be carried out at customer location.

An appointment calendar opens up where you can set the duration of the appointment preferred to your team and customer.

Assigning the job to your workforce

STEP 13 Assign the job to your workforce.

[Applicable if you are subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise edition]
Loc8 will suggest you an appropriate list of team members for the job if their trade skills and preferred region for working has been mentioned in their profile. 

If the required person is not added to your workforce yet, you can do that right now. Just open your Workforce area in a new browser tab, and invite that person. To know more, please read Invite your Workforce.

Finishing job creation

STEP 14 Lastly, go ahead and finalise the job.

That's done! The job is now created and sent out to the assigned team members who can view the job in their Loc8 Mobile app, and log their works expenses, inventory and photos, which you can access and edit from browser.

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