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Using the Loc8 Work Request Form
Using the Loc8 Work Request Form

Learn how to use the customer-led work request form to increase the number of work request received and convert them into quotes and jobs

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The Work Request Form provides you with an easy solution to allow your customers to send you a quote or job request anytime, anywhere.

It can be embedded directly into your website or easily shared as a link.

You can reach out to a large number of new and existing customers who only need to fill out a simple online form. All of the details entered by the customer in the form is sent to your Loc8 system from where you can choose to convert them into new new quotes or jobs with minimal effort.

With Work Request Forms in place, you are able to spend more time doing jobs or quotes and less time doing data entry.

In this article, we will see:

How does the Work Request Form serve both you and your customers?

  • It saves your customer's time by allowing them to fill up their work requests and submit them to you with a click of button

  • You start receiving more work requests and are able to turn them into quotes or jobs.

  • It sends you an instant notification when a new work request comes through so you're sure to action them as new quotes or jobs from the notification itself. The new quotes and jobs are ready to edit, schedule and assign to your workforce as and when required.

  • It cuts down the interaction time by capturing the work request details filled in by the requesting customer.

  • It allows you to brand and launch the form on your front-end, either by embedding it in your website or simply sharing a single-click URL that opens the form on your customer's smart phone, desktop or any portable device.

Navigating to the Work Request Form in Loc8

The Work Request Form is available to you as an app, which is ready to connect to your Loc8 system through integrations. Once connected, you can choose to activate and deactivate the app as necessary for your business.

You can access the Work Request Form app from your Loc8 account in two ways:

OPTION 1: Through the Notifications icon on your main menu panel.

From the main menu panel, just select Notifications icon -> Request -> Start receiving work requests directly in Loc8.

Option 2: Through Integrations in Admin settings.

From the main menu panel, just select Settings -> Integrations. Here, you will be able to search and add the Work Request Form app to your Integrations area as shown below:

Click +Add a new app and look up for Work Request Form.

The Word Request Form app comes up in the search result.

Click +Add app next to it.

This will ensure the Work Request Form app is pinned to your Integrations area for easy access from here onwards.

Authorising the Work Request Form to exchange data with your Loc8 system

Whether accessing the Work Request Form app using Option 1 or Option 2 as discussed in the section above, you will be requested to enable exchange of data between your Loc8 system and the Work Request Form app.

NOTE: An additional login step will precede this step to ensure user security if you were not already logged into Integrations.

After you have authorised, the Work Request Form Manager will open up.

Connecting the Work Request Form app to your Loc8 System

The Work Request Form is made available to your customers through the Work Request Form Manager. It is an interface that gives you the facility to:

  • activate or deactivate the integration between the Work Request Form and your Loc8 system.

  • choose how you would like to make the Work Request Form available to your customers.

Here are the two ways of making the Work Request Form available to your customers:

OPTION 1: Sharing a direct link to the Work Request Form

Copy the given URL displayed on your Work Request Form Manager and provide the link to your customers via the standard means of communication followed in your organisation. On clicking the link, the form will open up on the smart device the customer is using.

OPTION 2: Embedding iframe to launch the Work Request Form from your website

Host the form on your company's website just like any other webpage on the website. To do so, provide the given piece of code displayed on your Work Request Form Manager to your web developer who will then embed it into your website's source code.

Using both the methods, your customers will have direct access to the form where they can record their work requests anytime and submit at their convenience.

Your customers will see a message confirming that their work request has been submitted.

If required, they can create another work request by clicking Request a new job link.

Branding the Work Request Form

To increase reach and confidence within your new network of customers, we recommend you to make sure the Work Request Form has your business logo on it.

You can set your business logo at Settings -> Company.

If you already set up your business logo in your Loc8 system, you will see that reflect through to the Work Request Forms.

The example below shows the business logo that is already set up reflects on the Work Request Form.

Your business logo on your Company Settings page:

Your business logo reflected on the Work Request Form shared with your customers:

Activating the Work Request Form app

Make sure to activate the Work Request Form app once you're ready to have your customers start using the Work Request Form.

Activating the app will keep the integration running in the background in order to fetch the data successfully from the form and posting it into your Loc8 system.

IMPORTANT: If the app is deactivated by any chance, your customers will not be able to submit Work Request Forms.

Viewing the received work requests in your Loc8 system

All new work requests will appear in the Notifications tray.

From the main menu panel, check the Notifications icon. An orange dot will indicate that you have a new work request.

Click the Notifications icon to view all the work requests you have received.

The work request details are provided under the name of the person who has filled up the form.

You will also find the attachments that were sent to you via the form when you hover over the message and click the View button.

As the final step, choose to convert the work request into a new job or quote via the Convert to job or Convert to quote buttons.

From here, you will be taken directly to the new job or new quote creation wizard.

For more information about creating jobs and quotes, see Create a Job and Create a Quote.

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