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Create a Quote
Create a Quote

Learn how to create quote for tasks and charges, and send to the customer for approval. Once approved, use the quote to create a new job.

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Quotes in Loc8 support your fast-paced environment by letting you create quotes as you speak to the customer and sending them for approval. All of your estimated tasks, labour hours and inventory can be specified within the quote in just a few clicks. Once the customer is happy with the quote and approves it, you can create a job directly from the quote. The estimated tasks, description, and the job approval limit which is the the quote value itself is automatically copied over to the new job. So all you have to do next is dispatch the job to your workforce and get it done on time.

You can send the quote to the customer and other related recipients through email, who will then access it on their preferred web browser via a web-view link provided in that email. The quote details can be refined even after it is sent, assured that the new changes will be instantly visible to the customer when they refresh the page/web-view link on their browser.

STEP 1 Go to the Quotes workspace.

STEP 2 Open the Quote creation wizard.

STEP 3 Enter the basic details to begin with - the quote subject and the customer name.
You may have added the customer in Loc8 already. Just select the customer from the dropdown list.

Any customer not found in that list can be added now as shown below:

STEP 4 The new quote displays the charge template associated with it. Initially, it is the default charge template as set under Settings -> Admin Settings -> Charge Templates, unless some other charge template has been selected for the quote. Selecting an appropriate charge template for the quote is quite important at this stage as this will determine the rates/costs and charges involved in the estimates.

To learn more about charge templates, see Create a Charge Template and Set as Default.

In this example, the quote was associated with the default Charge for labour + tasks template, but we will select a customised charge templates called 'Gilbert Enterprise - Electrical'.

STEP 5 Specify the estimated tasks, approximate labour hours (both travel and on-site work) and the inventory involved. As you enter the charges, the finances appear under the Charges section on the Quotes inspector.

The charges per task, labour hours and inventory make a line item.

Specify the estimated tasks in the Quote

Initially, you'll see that the default charges for the estimated tasks are obtained from Settings -> Admin Settings -> Task Library. But, you can always edit the charges manually as suitable for the quote. To add new tasks in the task template or set new rates for the tasks, see Create Task Templates and Sub-task Templates.

Specify the estimated labour hours in the Quote

Similarly, the default charges for the labour hours are obtained from Settings -> Admin Settings -> Rates, which you can overwrite as required. To update the default rates of travel and on-site hours of your workforce, please see Define the Default Rates for Labour Hours.

Specify the estimated inventory

Lastly, add the parts/materials/items estimated to be used in the requested works. As you add the items from the Inventory, their costs are obtained from Settings -> Admin Settings -> Inventory Library, where you can edit these values as required for this quote.

STEP 6 The quote is ready with all the line items and their charges. Now, create the quote and send it to the customer for approval.

The quote has been created and will be available in the Quotes workspace. You can now send it out to the customer for approval. For more details, see Sending a Quote for Approval.

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