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Send a Quote for Approval
Send a Quote for Approval

Learn how to get a quote approved by your customer once you have created the quote

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Before sending the quote ensure that:

  • the specified hours, tasks, inventory and their charges are correct

  • the email address of the customer and other recipients is valid and active, this is important as the customer will receive the quote through a live web link available in that email.

STEP 1 Expand the Charges section in the Quote inspector.

STEP 2 Compose the email and choose the recipients of this quote.

This will send the quote to the specified recipients.

On sending, the quote status as viewed on the Quote inspector changes from Draft to Pending Approval.

What happens to the quote at the customer end

  • The customer receives an email from your company, mentioning the Quote ID and the Subject.

  • The customer and other recipients are able to access the quote using the link in the email.

  • The customer reviews and Approves or Declines the quote while viewing on the web link.

You will read more about how to approve the quote further down in this article.

Revising and resending the quote

Once a quote is sent, the entries on the quote are locked from being changed any further. But, you may still edit the quote by clicking REVISE.
You can revise the quote to make minor refinements even after the quote is sent, and the updated quote is instantly available to the customer on the live web link you have previously shared with them.

If at all the quote was significantly revised, say as an amendment to a quote declined by the customer, you can resend the updated quote to the customer.

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