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Resend Account Activation Email
Resend Account Activation Email

Learn how to resend Loc8 invitation to your team member as a reminder to join the workforce

Updated over a week ago

You can ensure that all of your workforce is on Loc8 by checking the Activated column in the Workforce workspace.

You will notice that the Activated column is not visible in the workspace by default, but you can easily add it to your view as shown below:

If your team members have accepted the invitation email that was automatically sent out to them when they were added to Loc8, you will see their status as Yes.

Otherwise, a No status indicates the person hasn't joined your workforce in Loc8 yet.

In such cases, you can remind them to come onboard by resending the activation email:

Once your workforce is onboard, you are ready to collaborate between office and field.

Next, see how to assign a person with jobs right from their profile, where the person has the Assignable permissions. This has been explained in the article Create Jobs from a Workforce Profile.

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