Create your Individual customers and keep their profile ready in Loc8 with their latest details so that you and your staff can respond quickly and effectively armed with full job history, enabling better customer service and much higher customer satisfaction.

Managing customers in Loc8 also assists in data  gathering which can provide useful insights about the service preferences of people residing or operating within a region.


A few items you'll need in hand before you proceed with adding an Individual customer:

  1. The customer's name, phone number, primary address, email address and postal address
  2. The site address

STEP 1 If this is the first time you are adding a customer to Loc8, you can use the Getting Started section as your guide and add your first customer.

For subsequent customer additions, go to the Customers page.

STEP 2 Open the Customer Creation wizard.

STEP 3 Fill the individual customer's profile.

STEP 4 In the Site tab, state the location where the service needs to be delivered. An individual customer will always be the primary contact for all the sites added here.

STEP 5 Lastly, go ahead and add the individual customer.

Now that you've set up the customer profile, you can easily access their details from the Customers area, review or make changes as required, and quickly create jobs for them.

You can read about this in the article View and Manage your Customers.

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