Providing service to customers becomes so much easier when you have records of their details in Loc8.
Using the list of customers, you are able to instantly view their primary information such as the address, the sites they own and the assets active in those sites.
Once their profile is ready, you can create jobs for them quickly, track the types of work done for them, and advice them with preventative maintenance plans they would need.

In this article, we will see how to create a profile for an individual customer who could be just about anyone directly corresponding and transacting with you to get works done at their site. 

To know more about individual customers, please read the article Introduction to customers.


A few items you'll need in hand before you proceed to handling Individual customer:

  1. The customer's name, phone number, primary address, email address and postal address.
  2. The customer location, ideally their address

STEP 1 If this is the first time you are adding a customer to Loc8, you can use the Getting Started section as your guide to add your first customer. To do that, just click ADD YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER block and select Individual.

For subsequent customer creations, go to the Customers page.

STEP 2 Open the Customer Creation wizard.

STEP 3 Fill the customer's basic profile.

You can jump straight to the last step from here and complete customer creation. Alternatively, you may add a few more details such as adding the customer site details before you finish.

Add a Site (Optional)

Expand the profile and go to the Sites tab. State the locations owned by the customer. This is most likely where your team will visit for completing jobs. If the customer has more than one site, add all of them here. Once you have added the sites and created the Individual customer, you can go back to the customer profile and add customer contacts for each site, which, in case of an Individual customer will be the customer themselves or one of your staff managing works for them.

STEP 4 Lastly, go ahead and add the individual customer.

Your customer profile is ready with the primary details. Now you can easily keep their sites up-to-date and quickly create and see all of their jobs right in their profile.

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