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Using the Location Importer for Maintenance Schedules
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The Location Importer for Maintenance Schedules is a useful feature that can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to manually input each location individually when managing your maintenance schedules.

With just a few simple steps, you can easily import a list of locations and streamline your scheduling process.

Accessing the Location Importer

Go to either of the Jobs Settings, Asset Settings or Admin Settings to access the Maintenance Schedule feature.

You will see all of the maintenance schedules listed here. In case you want to add a new schedule, see Creating a new maintenance Schedule.

Under Maintenance Schedule, identify the schedule you wish to import the locations to.

Next, go to the Locations page by clicking the location count.

On the selected maintenance schedule locations page, click the more menu option and select Import from the dropdown menu.

This will launch the Location Importer wizard.

Importing your Schedule Location

For a first time import, we recommend you to click Download Template on the Importer wizard and follow the sample content.

The template consists of the latest sample csv with all the action keywords that are understood by the Location Importer wizard. Here is an

The actions supported for the Schedule Location in the csv are given below:





It is important to know that during CREATE:

  • ACTIVE field is required

  • If ACTIVE = 'YES', then you must enter the START DATE

  • PRIORITY is optional and will set to the default priority if not explicitly specified

  • CHARGE TEMPLATE is optional and will be set to default for the Customer

  • Approval limit is optional

  • Assignee is optional and defaults to Unassigned.

Similarly, please ensure that during EDIT:

  • If you're editing to activate a Schedule Location (ACTIVATE = 'YES'), then you must enter a START DATE

  • Changing the START DATE will deactivate and then reactivate with the new START DATE

  • Any field that has not been entered will not be updated

After deletion of a Schedule Location:

  • If you attempt to recreate the Schedule Location, then a completely new Schedule Location with matching Location and Schedule to one that was previously deleted will be created.

Once you have filled in the csv, click Upload CSV, drag file or click.

The importer will start validating the csv data based on the defined rules explained before.

The Location Importer will add the required locations and display the successes and errors in the log as shown below:

When you have no errors in the csv, you will be allowed to proceed with IMPORT.

Please wait while the Import wizard adds the new locations to your system.


On exiting the importer, you will find the new locations are now added under the maintenence schedule location.

Now you can activate maintenance schedule for each of the locations.

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