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Accept the Invite and Activate
Accept the Invite and Activate

Learn how to activate your Loc8 user account when you receive an invitation email to join your team

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Join the workforce on Loc8 and instantly start receiving the latest updates on your jobs. Just click and accept the invitation email (also called as the activation email) from Loc8 Support in your inbox and set up your login details.

INFO The invitation email would have been sent to you by one of your colleagues who has a Loc8 account with license type User and user group Admin.

Once your account is active, you'll be able to access the organisation's Loc8 system by logging into your account from a web browser and also the Loc8 Mobile app, as permitted by your Loc8 user license and user group, i.e. if you're a technician or someone who needs to visit the customer locations quite often, you will likely have the permissions to the Loc8 Mobile app too.

You can install the Loc8 mobile app right now if you wish and continue the activation steps from the mobile app instead. 

STEP 1 Open the invitation email in your mailbox (check all of your folders, including Spam/Junk folders), and click Join Now. Alternatively, you can click here in the email body.

STEP 2 In the following page, enter your password. You will use this password for subsequent logins to Loc8 when accessing from both the browser and the Loc8 Mobile app.

NOTE: Your username will be the email address on which you have received the invitation. Keep that with you after you have activated and are ready to login to you new Loc8 account.

Congratulations! You are now a part of the workforce. Next up, Login and start creating, updating and viewing data of the organisation with instant collaboration between the people in your workforce.

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