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Learn how the dashboard can change the way you monitor Loc8 workspaces and utilise the insights to action items at the earliest

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The dashboard displays a collection of data in a clear visual way for you to track and analyse the health of your business, certain departments or the effectiveness of a specific activity.

On any of our plans, the Overview dashboard displays KPIs with standard display configurations. These configurations will determine what you see and how you see the data. To access additional dashboards, you will need to have the custom dashboards add-on turn on in your plan. In the initial roll-out of this function, these dashboards will not be editable.

To bring out other sets of data to the foreground that targets a department, customer or overall process, you can create your own dashboards. Such customisable dashboards can visually analyse the trends by blowing up the top results right before you in the form of tables, graphs, maps and mini counters.

NOTE: Those who do not have the permissions to view your Loc8 system, such as the members under Contractors license, they will not see the dashboard. Instead, a basic version of the Home screen will be available to them for their day-to-day activities.

When you log into your Loc8 account, you will see that your Home screen includes the dashboard functionality.

Since working towards streamlining activities and striving towards a smooth-running business is the primary goal for any company, the dashboard is made available within your Home screen - the very first screen you see every time you are working on your Loc8 account.

About the Pods in a Dashboard

The pods are the visual cards that provide an operational overview of your customers, workforce, and financial activity from quotes through to invoices.

Each day as you use Loc8 and more data is accumulated, these pods will offer a progressive insight and prove to be a quick utility tool to jump into the workspace that needs immediate attention.

The pods supports workspace views from most major workspaces, including customers, quotes, jobs, invoices, assets, sites and workforce.

If you have the customisable dashboards addon, you can add and arrange pods in a grid like fashion to your liking which is far more suitable for day-to-day operational dashboards.

The pods are cleverly designed to display the top results driven by the workspace views that you control in a list, graph, map, and basic, all available in their own selection of sizes.

Next, see how you can fuel your business questions by Create Custom Dashboards and Add Pods.

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