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Associate Regions and Sites Manually
Associate Regions and Sites Manually

Learn how to associate sites to a region manually to logically group together or provide/restrict access to the assets under those regions

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If your business doesn’t have clearly defined geographic boundaries that can be drawn on a map; or if you wish to restrict data visibility based on a manual process, you can do so with our manual region association feature.

With this function, you can manually assign sites to a region, such that all of the assets within those sites also get associated to the region and then apply that region restriction to workforce to restrict visibility where it suits your business process.

For example, you may choose to assign assets from a particular work unit/department to a region and then apply users to that region so they can only see assets or sites that you would like to see. This gives you ultimate flexibility where you may require additional data visibility restrictions, or simply are just unable to quantify your regions on a map. You are also able to manually assign to regions that have a boundary in place.

Once a region is defined on a map, the coordinates of the locations that are within the expanse of the region are automatically associated with the region as well as its appropriate subregion. This association between the region and the selected location on a quote, job, asset or site is displayed automatically on their inspector without any need for manual intervention.

However, if a scenario requires for a particular location, which is saved as a site, to be associated with a specific region despite its geographical distance from the region boundary, you can still establish a link between the region and the site through manual association.

STEP 1 Make sure that the sites already exists in Loc8.

You can look up the sites in the Asset workspace. If you do not find the required site, follow the steps in the article Create a Site.

STEP 2 Make sure that the required region exists in Loc8 as either a primary region or a subregion.

If you do not find the required region, follow the steps in the article Define Regions and Subregions.

STEP 3 From Settings -> Admin Settings -> Regions, open the required region/subregion.

STEP 4 On the region view, click the more options button and select Associate sites.

STEP 5 Look up the required sites from the list of existing sites in Loc8 and select them to associate with the region.

In the example below, the selected site is at a distant location where cellphone towers are being installed. This site is being remotely monitored from the customer location which is within the sample region.

Once you have associated the site(s) with the region, the Sites count reflects the manual association.

You can click the Sites count to view all of the sites associated with this particular region, including the manually associated sites.

The manually associated sites are grouped separately so you can to clearly identify them and delete the association as and when required.

Now when you open the Sites inspector, you will see that the region is now associated with the site.

You will find the same region-to-site association across all the quotes, jobs, and assets that are create for this particular site.

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