Asset in Loc8 is used to define any physical object in real world that requires regular inspections, repairs and maintenance in its lifecycle, for example, assets could be buildings, apartments or office spaces looked after by a real estate management company or a small business plumbing service who needs to keep a regular check on the critical fittings for hot water plumbing or gas plumbing used in its customer locations.

It is important to remember that to create an asset, you need to know the asset type first. The association between an asset and its asset type is very important in reflecting the hierarchical relationships the assets acquire in their real world.

STEP 1 From the main menu, select Assets and navigate to the Assets workspace.

STEP 2 Open the asset creation wizard.

STEP 3 Fill in the name that easily distinguishes the asset.

STEP 4 Specify the name of the customer who owns the asset or uses the asset on behalf of the owner.

The Customer field is another important information you must know before creating an asset, as you cannot change the customer after the asset is created.

Select an appropriate asset type that classifies the new asset. If you do not find the required asset type, you can open the Asset settings in a new browser window and create the required asset type.

To know more about how to create asset types, see Create an Asset Type.

Once you select an asset type, all the custom field groups associated with the asset type will appear here, as shown in the example below.

Enter the mandatory fields, and with that you're ready to create the asset. You can fill in the remaining fields at any time either before or after the asset creation. For more information, see Manage asset and sites.

The new asset will now be available in the Assets workspace.

Next up, see how you can create jobs for the new asset right from within the Assets workspace as discussed in Create and Update Jobs from Asset or Site.

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