Manage Assets and Sites

Learn how to view and filter assets in a list or map, navigate through asset hierarchy and change asset status

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After creating a site or asset, one of your objectives will be to ensure the recorded details and status of assets and sites are up-to-date on Loc8.
View their profile at a glance, move asset and share asset or site details through email, report problems occurred on them or attend to customer requests per assets/sites by creating jobs right from the asset area. 

With your workforce having the ability to add new assets through their Loc8 Mobile app, all you have to do is browse through the new asset details and make necessary changes.

To learn more about assets and sites, read Introduction to Assets and Sites. To learn more about managing assets while on field, read our articles on Loc8 Mobile. To set up a maintenance schedule for assets, please read Set up Maintenance Plans

A few items you'll need at hand to help with managing asset:

  1. An understanding of the actual asset status and hierarchy so you can ensure the asset is being recorded correctly.

  2. Any changes that should be recorded against the job, such as technician availability, appointment changes or customer details.

This article discusses some of the common activities when managing assets:

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