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Use Quickviews to Personalise your Views
Use Quickviews to Personalise your Views

Learn how to save and easily access your preferred filters and searches that you often apply on workspaces to view a required set of data

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In this article we will see

What is a quickview

The term quickview in Loc8 refers to the default in-app filtered views on all the workspaces which give you instant access to the most commonly queried records, such as which jobs are unassigned, or which quotes are pending approval, or who has the Technician license, and so on.

A quickview also refers to the personalised in-app views that you can create with any desired combination of sort and filter options with the intention to get access to those specific records whenever you need them, with just a click of a button without having to set the filter criteria all over again.

To know more about how to set filters and add columns to your view, see Sort, Filter, and Search your Views.

Where can you find quickviews

All workspaces have a list of commonly used quickviews on their context panel.

For example, in the Jobs workspace, you will find the quickviews as shown below:

How to create your own quickviews

In addition to the in-app quickviews available in the context menu on all workspaces, you can also create your own quickviews to save your preferred combination of filters and the changes you've made to alter the layout to your convenience through adding or removing the columns.

For example, you may want to view only those jobs that are assigned to a technician called Cody. To do so, expand the Sort and refine button and set the filter Assignee: Cody. If you want to further narrow down to the customer that Cody has been appointed for, then you will also set Customer: Gilbert Enterprises. In this way, you can set as many attributes as required to filter out the records you want to view at a given point in time and save them as a quickview.

How to share your quickviews

If you love the way your quickview works and you see it as a useful tool for anyone connected on your Loc8 system, you can simply share the quickview. When you do so, the quickviews start appearing in the workspaces they were shared from (Customers, Quotes, Jobs etc.), retaining the same filters you had selected while creating them, and they are ready-to-use like any other quickview.

You can identify a shared quickview by the highlighted icon.

To turn off sharing, contact an admin user.

Any shared quickview can be edited by another person having Admin permissions. To ensure that the person editing the quickview is informed of the creator/owner of the quickview, your name is displayed under a shared quickview.

How to add a quickview to favourites

You can pin a quickview that you often use to your context menu by adding it to your favourites. This way you can have speedy access to your most used quickviews. To ensure that your favourite views do not get crowded, you can have only 8 quickviews at a time in the context menu.

You can identify a favourite quickview by the highlighted icon.

How to set a quickview as the default view

If you work on a specific view more often, you can create a quickview and set it as the default view so that every time you navigate to the workspace, you see the required records straightaway with no extra clicks.

NOTE: To change the default view, you will not unselect this option, instead open the other quickview and select the Set as my default view option on it.

How to delete a quickview

Anyone can delete their own quickviews. In addition, admin users can update or remove the shared quickviews.

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