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Moving around a Workspace
Moving around a Workspace

Take a closer look at the layout of a workspace and speed up your learning by familiarising yourself with the distinct areas of workspace

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When you're ready to take on Loc8, this is where you'll begin from - Workspaces.

A workspace in Loc8 is a dynamic area of the user interface that changes with respect to the feature you select from the main menu. For example, if you select Jobs, then you'll see the Jobs workspace with access to all the brilliant features associated with jobs, right from its creation and configurations to sharing and exporting.

In documentation, terms like Jobs workspace, Quotes workspace, Assets workspace etc. refer to their relevant workspace.

Here is an example of a Jobs workspace of an organisation offering home installation services:

Let's further explore the areas within the workspace and the context menu panel on the left hand side of your screen, with Jobs workspace as an example.

NOTE: You will notice that the same layout is maintained across all other workspaces to help with increasing your speed and productivity.


The new entities that you create from here can be viewed in any particular format you wish to suit your current work requirements (in a tabular format, on a calendar or in a map). This is where you can select a specific record and view in detail on its inspector.

The workspace also supports bulk operations, such as for a Jobs workspace you can select multiple jobs at a time and change their job types, status, priority and deletion in one go.

Context menu associated with the workspace

Influences the views, so what you select in the quickview, the filters apply and you see the desired view. Besides this is where you will have direct access to view activity reports and execute data transport through Import and Exporting.

If you wish to configure the way an entity is available to you by default you can access a range of configurations in the settings area directly from here.

To know more about the features in detail see the articles under the collection Using Loc8 Browser.

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