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Add Trades to your Workforce
Add Trades to your Workforce

Learn how to define the various trades you offer and tag them to your technicians to find the right person for your next job assignment

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When assigning your workforce to a job with certain trade requirements, you may want to see only a filtered list of technicians who are best suited for those requirements. In such cases, all you have to do is categorise the various trades you offer in your business and tag them to:

  • the people in your workforce who have the necessary skills and expertise required in those trades

  • the task templates which when added to the job will suggest which trades are required to get the job done

Once that's done, you will have created an association between the person and the trades they are proficient in. So, the next time you are assigning someone to a job that has certain trade requirements, you'll only see the people best suited for the job in the list of possible assignees.

In this article, we will see how to:

  • Viewing the Existing Trades

  • Define the trade requirements in task template

  • Tag your workforce with their specialised areas of trade

  • Assign workforce as per trades required in job

  • View, update and delete a trade

Viewing the existing trades

This step helps you to check whether or not the required regions are already available in your Loc8 system.

To view the existing regions and their subregions, just navigate to Settings -> Admin Settings -> Trades.

If you want to add new regions or a subregions right now, see the article Create Trades.

Define the trade requirements in a task template

STEP 1 Open the required task template from Settings -> Admin Settings -> Task Library.

STEP 2 Go to the Required trades section in the task template, and choose from a list of trades.

Now when the task template is used in any jobs, the trade requirements will automatically filter out the people in your workforce specialising in those trades.

See the next section to know how to associate specific trades to represent the skills and expertise of your workforce.

Tag your workforce with their specialised trades

STEP 1 Go to the Workforce workspace and open that particular profile to specify the trades in order to establish an association between the person and their skilled trades.

STEP 2 In the Trades field, select from the list of trades.

This list corresponds to the trades existing under Settings -> Admin Settings -> Trades.

This list corresponds to the trades existing under Settings -> Admin Settings -> Trades.

You have tagged the trades to this person's profile. This will ensure the appropriate person with the necessary skills will be displayed in the list of assignees during job assignment, where the job has trade requirements dictated by the task templates used.

In the next section, you'll see how the job assignment has improved with the trade requirements in place.

Assign workforce as per trade requirements in the job

STEP 1 In the Jobs area, click the job to be assigned with technicians.

This job would have at least one task added from the Task Library and that the task will have specific trade requirements.

STEP 2 Assign people with the required trade skills to the job.

However, if you want to override the trade requirements criteria and view all of your workforce, just click IGNORE ASSIGNEE REQUIREMENTS and continue to assign as usual.

To go back to enabling the trade-based suggestion, turn ON the Match Trades filter.

View, Update or Delete a Trade

View and Update

You can open the newly added trade and check the details.

If any updates are required, just double-click the entries or hover over to click the pencil icon.

The changes will reflect instantly on all occurrences of the trade such as in workforce profiles and the task templates under the Trades section respectively.

If you no longer want a particular trade to show up in any of the workforce profiles or task templates, you'll have to delete them from here.

Along with trades, you can also set up regions to visually see the boundaries of assets, sites and jobs and accordingly assign your workforce based on their preferred work regions. To know more, read Add Regions to your Workforce for Improved Job Assignments.

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