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Enable or Disable the Contractor Portal
Enable or Disable the Contractor Portal

Learn how to provide access to a contractor for them to view and manage their jobs, create their own workforce and assign them with jobs

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NOTE: Contractor Portal is available in the Enterprise plan. Please contact Loc8 Support to enable this feature for you.

On a daily basis the contractors working with your organisation only need the basic information about the jobs assigned to them without any exposure to your Loc8 system. So the most common way of adding them in your Workforce space is under the Contractor license with default User Group: Standard for them to start receiving jobs through emails with no additional requirement of logging in to your Loc8 system.

On occasions when the contractor has their own team of technicians, it is easier for you to let them manage their people and job assignments as an independent workforce whilst still being connected to your Loc8 system. In such cases, you can enable the Contractor Portal for them.

Enabling the Contractor Portal automatically upgrades their access permissions from User Group: Standard to User Group: Portal Admin Contractor. This permits the contractor to add their technicians, view and edit their details, and assign them with jobs, where their technicians will receive jobs through emails.

Accessing the contractor portal option

STEP 1 Go to the Contractor profile and open its inspector where you can find a quick access button to enable the Contractor Portal right on the inspector.

Before enabling the Contractor Portal, please check that the email address is filled out and is a valid one. The activation email to access the Contractor Portal will be sent out to that email address as soon as you enable it.

With that you have provided the portal access to the contractor.

You’ll notice that the User Group of the contractor now shows as Portal Admin Contractor.

TIP: You may use the is User Group: Portal Admin Contractor as an indicator to track which contractors have the portal access and carry out further actions such as revoking their portal access when they no longer need a dedicated Loc8 account. For more information on how to revoke their portal access, see Disabling the Contractor Portal Access.

The process is complete once the contractor receives the invitation email to join Loc8 and completes the onboarding to the new Loc8 account. This is very similar to how a person in your workforce gets invited to join Loc8. To help the contractor proceed with the next steps, you can share the article Accept the Invite and Activate your Loc8 Account.

See what’s available in the Contractor Portal

The Portal Admin Contractor is presented with only a limited set of features most relevant to their day-to-day activities. They can:

  • Create workforce

  • View jobs and assign them to their workforce

  • Receive updates and notifications

  • Access the Loc8 Mobile app

Disabling the contractor portal access

When the contractor no longer needs access to the Loc8 system, you can revoke the permissions by simply turning off the Contractor portal access button on their profile.

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