In this article we will see how to:

  • Send an email with a link or a PDF attachment for the recipient to view the entity on their local machine or mobile device

  • Access the public/private links or the exported PDF for your use to either view or share them on channels external to Loc8

NOTE: Restricted functionality for Contractors. As the contractors in your workforce only have access to the export functionality without the ability to share via email, opening the Share and export panel will only provide them with Export.

When you want to tell someone about a particular quote, job, invoice, asset, site or project, just open the inspector page for that entity and compose an email specifying how you want to share the entity details with the recipient.

You can:

  1. Choose Public Link (1) to automatically insert a link at the end of your message to enable the recipient to view the entity summary. Anyone can access the link as it is a public web view. When clicked, the recipient sees a print-friendly version of the shared quote, job, invoice, asset, site or project in a new browser tab/window.

  2. Choose Private Link (2) to automatically insert a link at the end of your message to direct the recipient to the in-app inspector page, which is the same view of the quote, job, invoice, asset, site or project you have shared the link from. Only those who have active Loc8 accounts such as your workforce (authenticated users, technicians and contractors) can access the link to a private web view.

  3. Choose PDF to automatically include an exported version of the quote, job, invoice, asset, site or project as a PDF attachment. Like Public Link, anyone can access the PDF attachment.

See the example below to see how a person shares details about a job with a customer in few simple steps.

STEP 1 From the Jobs workspace, select the job in discussion.

STEP 2 Open the Share and Export panel on this job.

STEP 3 Specify the recipients you want to share the job with. People who are already added to your Loc8 contacts can be searched by their name or their email address. For anyone outside Loc8, just enter their active email address.

STEP 4 Prepare the email and send it out.

The email is sent out to the recipient.

When they check their mailbox, your email will be available to them in the following format:

If you want to update your organisation details to reflect the most current on the web view, open Settings -> Company tab and under General update the details.

If you would like to access a public link, private link or PDF attachment to view it yourself or maybe share them via other channels rather than the email facility in Loc8, you can do so through the quick links available at the bottom of the panel which provides the option copy the public link or private link, or export the entity as a PDF document.

Next up, see how you can keep your customers updated about a completed job by sharing the Field Service Reports, in the article Share Field Service Reports for Jobs.

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