In this article, you will see how to:

  • Access the FSRs for an appointment on completed jobs

  • Share the FSR through the emailing option in Loc8

Accessing the FSR for an appointment on completed jobs

Once your workforce progresses through a job lifecycle as guided by the Loc8 Mobile app and end their work, the FSR is generated for that appointment. It compiles all the data received from work logs entered by the person assigned to the job and presents it in a format that's ready to share, print and download.

STEP 1 From the Jobs workspace, select the job in discussion.

STEP 2 On the Job inspector, select the option to view the FSR for an appointment.

The FSR opens in a web view on a new browser tab with all the work details.

If you want to update your organisation details to reflect the most current contact and organisation address on the FSR web view, go back to the Loc8 browser app and navigate to Settings -> Company tab -> General section to update the required details.

Sharing the FSR

STEP 1 Obtain the web view link from the browser tab.

STEP 2 Send an email to someone with the FSR link using the Share and Export option on the job.

In addition to your message, the recipient will also be able to access the job details either by public view, private view or as a PDF attachment as was chosen from the three available options at the bottom of the text area.

At any point, if you would like to access a public link, private link or PDF attachment to view it yourself or maybe share them via other channels rather than the in-app emailing facility in Loc8, you can do so through the quick links - Copy public link / Copy private link / Export PDF available at the bottom of the panel based on the button you have selected i.e. Public link / Private link / PDF respectively.

For more information, see Email Someone through Share and Export on a Loc8 Entity.

The email is sent out to the recipient.

When they check their mailbox, your email will be available to them in the following format:

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