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Configure Custom Fields for Problems
Configure Custom Fields for Problems

Learn how to configure your own set of fields for Problems to better capture the problem details in combination with the standard fields

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The custom fields once created can be applied to different problem types.ย 

A sample screen of how the custom fields will be displayed on the Loc8 Mobile app is shown below:

NOTE: If a custom field is removed from your Loc8 system, the data captured against a problem will remain intact.

STEP 1 Under Settings -> Problem Configuration, switch to the CUSTOM FIELDS tab.

STEP 2 Name the custom field group and define the fields that it will contain.

Then, associate the new custom fields to the Problem Type.

There are a wide range of field types available for you to choose from when creating custom fields to ensure reliable data storage.
The complete set of available field types are shown using examples below:

All of the field types are pretty self-explanatory -- they expect the same input as indicated by their Type name.ย 

The List type is no different, only that it requires an additional step to add the options or list items for the dropdown list (as shown in the next section).

Creating a List Type Custom Field

STEP 1 Select List type and name the custom field.

STEP 2 Enter the options one at a time and save them.

You have completed creating a collection of custom fields under the custom field groups and applied them to the required Problem Types.

Now, when any user Reports a Problem either directly from their Loc8 Mobile app or on a problem asset via browser, the new problem will come up with the added custom fields.

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