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Create your Inventory Library

Learn how to record the items you regularly use in your jobs so you can add them on the go and calculate the payable charges

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You can create and maintain a library of items, which could be the parts or materials of a product or equipment. The dedicated area in Loc8 for this purpose is called the Inventory Library. Any item listed in this library can be referred to the jobs that use them.

On adding to the jobs, their costs and charges are clearly displayed for easy reference and they get reflected as a part of your total charges in the job, eventually included in invoices.

NOTE: Currently, the main aim of the Inventory Library is to ensure you are able to specify the additional items from your Inventory that are used in a job so that you can account for the item cost as expenses in your invoices.
As of now, the Inventory Library does not reflect the increase or decrease of stock of the recorded items. 

In this article, we will see how to:

Adding a new item to the Inventory Library

STEP 1 From the main menu bar on the left panel, select the Settings icon. Under Admin settings, select the Inventory library tab.

STEP 2 Add the items you want to keep a record of and refer to them in jobs.

STEP 3 Fill out the basics of the new item other specifics such as the Unit Cost and Unit Charge, where Unit Cost is the amount you had to pay to procure the item and the Unit Charge is considered as an expense to complete the job.  

Applying Inventory items to a job

STEP 1 From the main menu bar on the left panel, select Jobs and Projects.

Look up the required job and open it in full inspector.

STEP 2 Choose the required items from the Inventory Library, and enter the quantity and charge.

This can be done in field via the Loc8 Mobile app, or in the browser app under Work logs -> Inventory tab on the job inspector as shown below:

Click + Inventory. In the newly added row, click the Inventory type and select the required item. This will prefill all the values associated with the selected item.

Once you have added the Inventory items, you will see the total charges reflect under the Financials of the job.

This will go in as a line item in your invoice that you will create from this job.

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