Release Notes - 2nd October 2019

Read the list of new features, improvements and issues resolved in this release

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New features

Job and Quote types now support 1-to-1 custom field associations

  • Building on existing functionality currently available in our Asset, Site and Problem modules it is now possible to associate different custom fields to different Job or Quote types, thereby increasing the overall usefulness of types

  • This functionality leverages all new interfaces as detailed in the Feature improvements section below

  • How does this affect existing types? All existing Job or Quote types will be unaffected, with all existing custom field associations retained

  • How does this affect existing Jobs or Quotes? All existing Jobs and Quotes will be unaffected, with all existing custom fields and custom field data retained

Feature improvements and changes

Significant work is underway to phase out all remaining Adobe Flash based areas of the application, and this release includes several areas that have been replaced, each of which benefits from new interfaces and significantly improved usability

  • All job configuration areas, including the management of Job types, priorities, lifecycles and custom fields

  • All quote configuration areas, including the management of Quote types and custom fields

  • Customer custom field configuration

  • All template configuration areas, including Export templates, Message templates and Charge templates

  • The task and sub-task libraries

  • The inventory library

  • Please note that configuring custom fields in Prism mode has now been removed

All Library areas have moved into Settings (thereby removing the Libraries menu item), including

  • Tasks and sub-tasks

  • Inventory

  • Maintenance schedules (this remains Flash based for now)

Usability improvements and changes

  • Several minor usability improvements have been made to problem management, notably the inclusion of dialogs and warnings to assist with and minimise risk when modifying problem type configuration

  • Empty date / time fields will now pre-fill to the current date and time when edited

  • Several UI tweaks have been implemented to improve the experience of composing and sending emails

  • Settings areas that required unique names are now pre-validated so you don't have to save before identifying whether the name is available

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Region searches are more effectively cleared when closing the main menu region selector

  • Several holiday configuration bugs have been fixed

  • Editing default rates no longer throws an error

  • It's no longer possible to generate duplicate ID's for Sites and Assets

  • 'Procured Cost' has been renamed to 'Purchase cost' in advanced exports, now matching the rest of the application

  • Decimal place error has been fixed for 'Purchase cost' in advanced exports

  • Exporting certain quote columns no longer throws an error

  • Workforce exports now include multiple trades

  • Asset exports now include assets that are not nested under a site

  • Job automation rules that leverage the 'Subject starts with' condition now save correctly

  • Job insights tab now correctly displays completed data

  • Editing the job owner field no longer throws an error if they were missing an avatar

  • Cleared date / time fields when editing a job now saves correctly

  • Editing job tasks where the task template no longer matches the task should no longer display unreadable text

  • Creating a follow on job from legacy jobs no longer throws an error

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