New features

Inline with the recent changes on the browser app, the Report a Problem functionality has been extended significantly to support a range of new features, including the ability to

  • Accurately report problems in-field through simplified problem type selection, instructions and the ability to capture specific data through the use of custom fields

  • Quickly and easily view problems and all associated data against assets and jobs

  • Report problems when offline

  • Learn more about reporting problems on mobile

For users whose privileges are managed through custom user groups, it is now possible to see jobs assigned to other people in your workforce

  • This only applies to people configured in the workforce area as a ‘User’, with a custom user group

  • This only applies to some of our Enterprise customers where they have configured custom user groups

  • This does not affect technicians or contractors

Feature improvements and changes

  • Job start by and due by fields now include times to more accurately represent the configuration options available via the browser app

Usability improvements and changes

  • It's now possible to search for jobs via their ID, subject, customer name and pertinent location details such as address and site name

  • For non-assignable users, when accessing the All jobs area, you will now be defaulted to viewing all unassigned jobs rather than the old and largely useless My jobs view

  • Searching for assets via barcode is now immediately possible when opening the asset search area

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Empty job lists now display more useful information

  • Several bug and stability fixes

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