When in-field, you'll often identify issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible, be it against an asset, site or just at a random location. Issues come in all forms such as faults, breakdowns, leakages, hazards, failures or other potential risks, all of which we refer to as Problems.

Using the Report a Problem feature on your Loc8 Mobile app, you can key-in data right on the spot, and stay focused on noting down the specifics of the problem. All you have to do is record the details by selecting from the appropriate Problem Types that have been configured by your organisation.

STEP 1 To access Report a Problem option, tap the Loc8 icon on the top-left corner of your Jobs screen and you'll see the main menu.

STEP 2 Provide the first-level information - that includes the customer, and optionally the problem asset for those situations when it's important to point out a particular asset/site of all other assets/sites managed by your organisation.

NOTE: You can enforce the selection of problem asset by making it a mandatory field. To do so, just contact our support team and they will configure it for you.

The next set of steps are specific to the selected Problem Type, where you will key in observations in a format that's configured by your organisation for the range of possible problems that might occur.

NOTE: Additionally, the configurations set up in your current edition may also provide you with a Create Resolution Job button, using which you can enable or disable the creation of resolution job, overriding the default behaviour of creating a resolution job for the reported problem.


You have completed reporting a problem with Loc8 Mobile app.
A new resolution job will be available in the Jobs workspace (provided the Create resolution job button is not disabled) with all the relevant data, including automatically associated tasks to assist you with resolving the problem.

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