Release Notes - 11th July 2019

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New features

The Report a Problem functionality has been extended significantly to support a range of new features including the ability to

  • Add custom fields, instructions and category details to problem types in order to assist in accurate and complete reporting of and insight into problems in-field

  • Add tasks to problem types in order to automatically add those tasks to any problem resolution jobs

  • View the approximate location of the user at the time a problem was reported

  • Please note that the current version of our mobile app (1.5.2) does not yet take advantage of the new problem functionality. You'll see this introduced in the next version over the coming days

Feature improvements and changes

The list library has been replaced with inline list management to provide a simplified experience when creating and managing lists. Now, instead of having to create a list via the library to configure a custom field or sub-task, you can simply create the list on the spot when configuring a custom field or sub-task

  • Defining a list is now the same as defining any other custom field or sub-task item as lists now have a 1-to-1 relationship with their custom field or sub-task (and as such cannot be shared across different custom fields or sub-tasks)

  • How does this affect existing lists? Lists are available and editable directly against the custom fields or sub-tasks that referenced them

  • How does this affect existing jobs, assets, sites etc? Everything that referenced lists through custom fields or sub-tasks will be completely unaffected

  • How does this affect selecting list values on jobs, assets, sites etc? There is no change to the process of selecting list values

Usability improvements and changes

  • It's now possible to search jobs and assets via their location details such as address and site name

  • Job, asset and site web views have been extended to display flags

  • Job tasks and sub-tasks now indicate whether a comment or attachment exists

  • The asset tree selector has been increased in size to make it easier to view multi-level asset hierarchies

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Exported assets now include Current value, Renew required, Replacement value, Review required and Statutory maintenance when selected

  • Expanded maps on the asset inspector now load correctly when switching between assets

  • Uploading .tif files is now supported

  • FSRs and exports now no longer display unexpected arabic characters

  • CSV exports now return correctly formatted money values

  • Creating follow-on jobs should no longer throw an error

  • (Contractor portal) The job status is no longer cleared after loading results

  • (Contractor portal) The job history tab now shows correct job and appointment history details

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