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Job priorities in Loc8 enable you to enforce SLAs, which are compliances set to meet the timelines stipulated by each job priority level as conducted in your business. For example, you may configure the Normal priority level to allow five business days for job completion, whereas a job assigned with Urgent priority must be completed on the same day. Based on your configurations, the Start by and Due by dates are automatically calculated for new jobs. 

You can identify where your SLAs are at risk through key conditions, which when true, trigger warnings and attentions on the specified timeframe before your customers can complain.

Loc8 provides three built-in job priorities: Normal, High, Urgent, where one of them is the set as the Default priority under Settings -> Job Configuration -> Priorities. You can edit them to keep the terminologies consistent within your oragnisation or add new priority levels that could represent intermediate levels. 

In this article, we will see how to:

  • View and edit existing job priorities

  • Create new job priorities

  • Setting the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for a job priority

  • Setting a priority as a default

Viewing and Editing Existing Job Priorities

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page and open the Job Configuration settings.

STEP 2 View the pre-built Priorities already available to you.

You can edit the name, prefix and set the service level agreements for the existing priorities, all of which can be done on both existing and new priorities. You can also set any of the priorities to be the Default one so that when a new job is created it is automatically set with the Default priority.

Creating New Job Priorities

STEP 3 Add new priority level or edit the default levels as suitable to your business.

And, save the new job priority.
We will see how to set the Service Level Agreements next.

Setting the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for a Job Priority 

STEP 4 Configure the SLAs to meet job completion times for any selected priority, either the pre-built priorities or the custom priorities you have created.

Loc8 takes care of wide range of SLAs, which if not met, are displayed as warnings and attentions on the job inspector that are triggered within a system-decided time. If you wish to generate the warnings or attentions in a specific timeframe, you can do so for a set of common SLAs in the Advanced Settings dialog box in Job Configuration.

Besides, you can also configure the Start by Offset and Due by Offset. In the example above, the job will have its Start by date automatically set to an hour before the appointment creation time, and accordingly the Due by date set to nine hours after the appointment creation time, both of which can be changed manually on the the job inspector whenever required.

You can save the changes and start using this priority on the existing and new jobs. So now when you create a new job, you can assign it with the new job priority and the configured SLAs will start applying on the job.

Setting a Priority as a Default

On job creation, the new job will be given the Default priority that is already set under Settings -> Job Configuration -> Priorities

You can choose which priority do you want the new jobs to be set with by default.

This completes viewing, editing and creating job priorities. For more configurations, see Configure Attributes for Jobs.

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