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Create Job Types

Learn how to define your own job types to match the terminologies used in your business and enable finer grouping and filtering of jobs

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NOTE: Only the Subscriber or a person under the User License with Admin user group can perform the actions in the Settings area.
Loc8 provides the following default job types -- Work order, Preventative, Inspection, Audit and Problem -- based on the most commonly used terms in the field service industry. You can use them as is and edit the available job types, or create your own job types to distinguish the kinds of work handled in your business, (for example, Installation, Relocation, Repair etc.).

Having a planned list of job types will not just represent your works well in Loc8, but also supply more data to derive explicit reports on all jobs created in Loc8.

STEP 1 Go to Job Settings from the Job Workspace.

STEP 2 In the Types tab on the context menu, you can view the default job types already available to you. You can edit them and associate them with the required custom field groups, but you cannot delete them.

If you create your own job types, you can manage them as required, and even if you delete them from here, they will still remain intact in the jobs they were referenced in.

STEP 3 Add new job types to log data for the wide array of works in your business. If you have need to have specific fields that must be filled in for this job type then you can also add custom fields at this point.

To know more about custom fields, see [Link to xxx custom fields]

Once you have created the new job types, they'll start appearing as an added option during job creation as shown below:

Next up, see how to action your customer's work requests by creating jobs of a given job type.

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