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Set the Job Priority and Timeframe
Set the Job Priority and Timeframe

Learn how to set job priority, and with SLAs enabled see the start by and due by dates automatically fill up or enter them manually instead

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Job priority helps to direct your team to pick up jobs that need to be completed on urgency. The person at work can easily get the view of all the jobs sorted in order of priority on their mobile app. Priority, in addition to the Start by and Due by dates, are a good indicator of what the order should be for executing jobs and help to prevent appointment misses.Β 

If you've configured job priorities to enable the warnings and attentions through SLAs, then you will find the Start by and Due by dates automatically pre-fill based on the urgency of the job that you select. If you would like to configure the priority levels of jobs and enable the SLAs now, please follow the instructions in Configure job priorities and SLAs.

Job Priority

STEP 1 Go to the Jobs workspace.

Job Timeframe

STEP 2 As discussed above, if the SLA is turned ON through Settings > Job Configuration, then you will see the Start by and Due by date automatically fill up, while also being able to manually update them as required.
Once the Start by and Due by dates are set timeframe, the system keeps a track of unattended appointments within this timeframe and prompt warnings and attentions on the affected jobs.

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