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Introduction to Workforce
Introduction to Workforce

Learn about the user licenses and user groups to grant appropriate levels of permissions to your main workforce and team of contractors

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Workforce in Loc8

The term Workforce in Loc8 refers to a team of professionals involved in day-to-day activities of a field service industry -- right from managing or editing jobs in office to overseeing or performing jobs at customer location. Using Loc8, the members of your workforce work together to get jobs done, from the first step of responding to customer requests through to the last step of getting paid for completed jobs. Managing workforce enables businesses to simplify and automate the process of managing their staff. With Workforce, employers can easily keep track and manage their employee profiles, workloads, and timeoff.

Using the Workforce area, you can create detailed employee profiles, assign workloads to your staff, and set weekly, monthly, or yearly goals. Employee profiles can also be used to keep track of employee skills, employment history, and job preferences. Additionally, you can use the Workforce area to manage employee certifications and make sure your staff are in compliance with local regulations and policies.

Using the Workforce area can lead to a better sense of operational efficiency, organizational clarity, and strategic alignment among you as an employer and your staff.

What Comprises a Workforce

On the whole, a workforce may comprise of:

  • Staff, including technicians employed in your company

  • Contractors, who are technicians hired on a need basis

What is a User

A user is someone you add to Loc8 with the intention of them performing a function of some sort, such as managing jobs or completing jobs. Typically, a user would be a staff (in office or in field) or a contractor. 

What is a License

Each user has a License. The type of license determines the baseline features a user can access across both Loc8 on web browser and Loc8 Mobile app. 

There are four license types: Subscriber, User, Technician, and Contractor. They have been discussed in detail under Types of Licenses below.

What is a User Group

Each License can be further refined with a User Group. The User Group restricts a user from accessing certain features beyond its scope, which are otherwise available under its License.

Types of License

1. Subscriber

The Subscriber is the person who has signed up and created the Loc8 account. As the Loc8 super user, they have full access to all functions and areas of Loc8, and they will add and invite the first batch of users to Loc8.

NOTE: The Subscriber cannot delete their Loc8 account. They must contact Loc8 Support for assistance.

2. User

The User license applies to staff in your company who require highest level of administrative and editing rights.
Those who need to supervise or complete certain tasks at the customer location, can be selectively made available for job assignments. Such users will also gain access to the Loc8 Mobile app.
The users under this license are granted different levels of permission through Admin, Standard and Basic user groups as shown below: 

Access permissions under User License

3. Technician

The Technician license applies to people of your company primarily working on jobs at customer locations. They have access to the Loc8 Mobile app, using which they can log their work in field.
For additional actions such as creating quotes and invoices, viewing history of changes in jobs and assets, sharing and sending emails etc. they can access Loc8 via web browser.
Those under this license are granted different levels of permission through Standard and Basic user groups as shown below:

Access permissions under Technician License

4. Contractor

The Contractor license applies to employees of third-party vendor working with your team for over a certain duration of time. They do not need a view of your Loc8 system, except for the jobs assigned to them. So, when you add such a person under the Contractor license, the default User Group: Standard applies and they start receiving jobs through emails.

NOTE: We do not charge for users added as Standard Contractors.

You also have the option to provide a broader range of functionality to a contractor so that they can add their own team of technicians and schedule them with jobs independently. You can do so by turning ON the Contractor Portal for any such contractor, which will automatically put them under the User Group: Portal Admin Contractor. Only the Portal Admin Contractor can add their technicians, view and edit them, and assign them with jobs. Their technicians will receive jobs through emails.

NOTE: Contractor Portal is optionally available in our Enterprise plan.

TIP: If you do not want to provide portal access to a person you may simply create a user with the Contractor license type under the workforce are. This will allow them to be assigned to jobs, all of that without any need to log in.

Access permissions under Contractor License

Next, go ahead and invite your workforce to Loc8.

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