You would receive an invitation email if you've been added to your company's workforce in Loc8 via web browser. Now, you're just a step away from collaborating with your team and using Loc8 Mobile, your new field service mobile app.

STEP 1 Open the invitation email, either in your mobile device or a desktop, and click Join Now. Alternatively, you can click here in the email.

STEP 2 In the account activation screen, set your login password and click Activate

TIP: Keep your username (which is your email address used by your Admin to add you into Loc8) and the login password with you. You'll need them when you log into Loc8 web or mobile app the next time. 

Soon after, you'll be taken to the Loc8 Home screen. Your account is now activated. 

Next up, install the Loc8 Mobile app on your mobile device and login to view the jobs  assigned to you, and create and manage your own jobs.   

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