ou will receive an invitation email when you've been added to your company's workforce. 

Your license enables you to be assigned with jobs, and so that you can look after and complete jobs on site, you will have access to not just the Loc8 web browser but also the Loc8 Mobile app.
You can Install the Loc8 mobile app now or later. 

The credentials that you set up during account activation to log in to your account, either through the browser or the mobile app.

STEP 1 Open the invitation email in your mailbox (check all of your folders, including Spam/Junk folders), and click Join Now. Alternatively, you can click here in the email body.

STEP 2 In the following page, enter your password. You will use this password for subsequent logins to Loc8 in both browser and mobile app.

Your account is activated. Now, login to your account and collaborate with your team to execute administrative or in-field actions.

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