Specify the tax rates that will apply in the sales and services of your business as per the applicable tax rates in the state or country you operate in.

Once tax rates have been defined you may select a default that applies system wide for all new Quotes, Jobs or Invoices, or alternatively anyone in your workforce working with charges may simply select the required tax rate from the list on a per-line-item basis.

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page and open the Company settings.

STEP 2 Scroll down to the Financial section. By default, the None tax rate is already added. You can add your applicable new tax rates along side it.

STEP 3 You can set any of your added tax rates as DEFAULT to apply on all new Quotes, Jobs or Invoices.

Your tax rates are set.
Next, see how to Apply Tax Rates to the Charges in Loc8.

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