If you have configured one or more tax types, and specified one as default, you will see that all new Quotes, Jobs and Invoices will include a tax amount that is automatically calculated from the charge values of all the chargeable line items (tasks, on-site time, travel time, inventory etc.) where tax is applied.

However, if you have not specified a default tax type, you will need to specify the preferred tax type on each line item. To achieve this you may simply enable the Tax Type column when viewing the Task, Labour, Inventory tabs of a Quote, Job or Invoice. Once enabled, you may then select your preferred tax type, or override the default.

NOTE: As of now, you can apply only one tax type per-line item.

Under both scenarios detailed above, once a tax type is defined on a per-line item basis, you will see that the tax amount is automatically calculated and displayed in the Financials section of a Quote, Job and Invoice represented in both:

  • Tax

  • Total (inc tax)

Both of these fields are also available in the Quote, Job and Invoice workspaces as additional columns you can add to your view.

In this article, we will see how to apply tax rates through the Tax Type column in the Jobs workspace as an example. The same steps will apply to the Quote and Invoice workspaces.

STEP 1 Go to the Jobs workspace, and expand the job in which you want to apply the tax types to the charges.

STEP 2 In the Task tab, enable the option to select the tax type per line item so that the charges under the Financials section shows the figures inclusive of tax.

Every line item will now display the applicable tax type, either as selected manually, or as pre-filled if a default tax type has been specified. In either case you can change the tax type as required:

The list of Tax Types and the default tax type are defined in the Financial section under Settings -> Admin Settings ->Company. To know more see Defining the Tax Rates.

Adding the Tax Type column itself in the inspector is a one time activity, which persists even after you log out and log in again, and it is displayed across all the charges associated to Quotes, Jobs and Invoices.

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