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Loc8 provides the following pre-built job types -- Work order, Preventative, Inspection, Audit and Problem -- based on the most commonly used terms in the field service industry. You can use them as is and edit the available job types, or create your own job types to distinguish the kinds of work handled in your business, (for example, Installation, Relocation, Repair etc.).

Having a planned list of job types will not just represent your works well in Loc8, but also supply more data to derive explicit reports on all jobs created in Loc8.

In this article, we will see:

View Existing Job Types

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page and open the Job Configuration settings.

STEP 2 View the pre-built Job Types already available to you.
Such job types are labeled as SYSTEM

You can edit the name, prefix and apply Custom Field Groups. An example is shown below for the Job Type: Work order.

The Custom Field Groups will add all the existing custom fields under it to that particular job type. So, the next time you create a job of this Job Type you will see those Custom Fields neatly organised under the Custom Field Group name in the job profile inspector.

If you do not have any custom fields yet, you can create them right away in a new tab. For more information on custom fields, read Create Custom Fields for Jobs.

Create New Job Types

STEP 3 Add new job types to capture the wide array of work done in your business.

Save the new job type.

Once you have created the required job types, you can create new jobs for any of those job types.

To know how to proceed from the Jobs workspace to create new jobs see Create a Job.

This completes viewing, editing and creating job types. For other job configuration options, see Configure Attributes for Jobs.

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