Release notes - 7th May 2024
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Added automation support for custom field conditions for the below field types and comparison types:

Equals, Changed, and Empty comparisons against:

Text, Boolean, List, URL
​Equals, Changed, Empty, Number comparisons against:

Date, Number, Duration, Money
​Changed and Empty comparisons against:

Contact, Site, Asset, Attachment, User

  • Simplified customer creation by removing the company / individual options

  • Several improvements to performance and stability across the app

  • Minor UI improvements

Bug fixes

  • Occasional issue that could cause an error when configuring Custom Fields for an Asset type.

  • Rare issue that prevented login when logging in via SSO/SAML for certain users.

  • Issue where usernames containing commas would not appear in some Assignee lists.

  • Occasional issue during email template generation which resulted in "Unable to render" email being sent out in some cases.

  • Issue where not all contacts were shown when entering a contact (e.g. the Job Owner input field).

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