Once you have activated your Loc8 account, you are ready to log into your Loc8 Mobile app installed on your smart device and start actioning the jobs assigned to you.

If you're here for more details on signing up to Loc8, please see Sign up and Activate your Loc8 (Subscriber) Account.

STEP 1 Tap the Loc8 Mobile app icon to launch the login screen.

Then fill in your email address and password, the same ones that you have provided when accepting the Loc8 invitation.

If your company is using a dedicated server for Loc8, then you may also enter the server URL to ensure successful login. 

If you're not sure about the server URL, contact your Subscriber user or Loc8 Support.

STEP 2 Login to your account.

For subsequent logins, you may choose the option to automatically log you into the app right when you launch the app the next time.

What to expect after login

The jobs assigned to you are accessible right on the first screen.

From then onwards, Loc8 Mobile will assist you in managing your field activities as you go about completing your jobs one after another.

For more information on what you can do next, see the list of useful articles on creating and working with Jobs.

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