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How to Tag Attachments
How to Tag Attachments
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Tagging the attachments is a useful way to identify and sort your files. This feature allows you to add descriptive tags to your attachments, so you can easily find, group, and organize related files. For example, if you want to retrieve all the images and documents containing information about a service you have just launched, you can add a tag called "new service". This way, you can quickly search for all the files that have been tagged with "new service" and access them at any time.

This article explains how you can tag your attachments and apply them to your workflow.

You can do the following actions on tags to an attachment:

  • Associate one or more tags to an attachment

  • Remove tag associations from an attachment

  • Search tags by displaying a list of associated tags

  • You can filter on one or more tags when listing attachments

  • Delete tags from the Tag library

  • Rename tags only from the Tag library

Creating Tags in the Tag library

From the main menu panel, choose Settings -> Tags.

In the TAGS section, click +Add tag.

On clicking +Add tag, a text box appears for you to enter a new tag.

Just type in the tag name and press enter. The new tag is now added to the list of tags.

Renaming Tags in the Tags Library

Go to the Tag library and identify the tag you wish to rename.

Then, simply click on it and type in the new name.

NOTE: 1. You cannot rename tags in the Files tab of an entity where the tags and attachments are displayed. To perform any edits to the tag, you will have to navigate to the Tags Library and then update the tag.

2. Renaming a tag will update the tag name on all associations with attachments.

Deleting Tags in the Tags Library

Go to the Tag library and identify the tag you wish to delete. Then, simply click on the Delete icon.

NOTE: 1. Deleting a tag removes all associations of the tag with the attachments. Once deleted, you can recreate a new tag with the same name as the deleted tag again.

Adding Tags to Attachments

Go to the entity area such as the Jobs, Assets, or Quotes and open the Files tab.

You will find that the attachments with no tags are marked as None.

Click None.

From the list of tags, select one or more tags, as is appropriate for associating a tag with an attachment. To quickly find a tag in the list, use the search field.

Once you have selected the checkboxes against the tags, click APPLY.

The tags are now associated with the attachment as shown below:

If on search, you do not find the specific tag for an attachment then you can easily create a new tag from the text entered in the search field. All you have to do is click on+add against the the name of the new tab as shown below:

In the example below, the keyword 'Materials added' wasn't found in the list of existing tags. So we have created it as a new tag by clicking on +add. That automatically added the tag to the Tags library.

Click APPLY to enable association between the tag and the attachment.

NOTE: You cannot create any duplicate tag entries. Any attempt to do so will throw an error.

As shown in the example below, the tags will now display on the attachment details when you launch the image viewer.

Viewing Attachments using Tag Filters

Tags can be very empowering in scenarios where you can quickly want to retreive a set of refined list of attachments. Select the tags you want to apply as filters. Then, click APPLY.

This will result in a restricted list of attachments with the Files tab.

Also, when the image viewer is launched, the images in the series will also be restricted to the same filter set as defined on the Files tab itself.

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