Release Notes - 7 March 2023

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New and improved


Viewing more information on a related entity has been simplified through the addition of cross-links on inspector fields. For example, if you are inspecting a job and want to see further details about an assignee, you can simply click through from the assignee to their full inspector. The following cross-links have been added

  • Inspect a customer from any customer field flyout panel

  • Inspect a site from any location field flyout panel

  • Inspect a user, technican, contractor or customer from any contact field flyout panel

  • Inspect a job assignee from the job assignment panel

  • Inspect an asset from the asset column on job tasks

Note: Links are only available to users who have permission to view the given entity. For example, a user who cannot view 'Workforce' will not be able to click through to inspect a contractor, etc.

Performance improvements

In this release we have focused heavily on improving performance throughout the Loc8 platform, though predominantly focusing on the areas where users spend most of their time. Key improvements include

  • Logging in to the browser application

  • Loading results in primary workspaces (i.e. loading the list of jobs, assets, etc)

  • Loading results in primary workspaces as a contractor (further to the overall improvements)

  • Searching for results in primary workspaces (view further details)

  • Loading a mini inspector (i.e. inspecting a job, asset, etc)

  • Loading a full inspector from a mini inspector

  • Loading asset types

  • Auto-completing sub tasks using the mobile app

General usability improvements

  • The search field in primary workspaces has been updated to support improved usability and speed

    • Auto-submit whilst typing has been removed in favour of explicitly pressing the 'Enter' or 'Return' key, or clicking the search button.

    • Whether a search has been applied to the current result set is now more visible, and should lead to fewer false-negatives where it wasn't clear that the search field was filtering out results users were expecting.

Bug fixes

  • An issue that caused attachment thumbnails to be output at very low resolutions on pdf and html web view exports has been resolved.

    • Note: Further improvements to attachment resolution will also be seen following the upcoming updates to the iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • An issue that caused primary workspace sort selections to return incorrect sort results has been resolved.

  • An issue that caused sub task automation rule conditions to fail has been resolved.

  • An issue that caused an error when creating an asset layer / boundary has been resolved.

    • Note: There is a known issue causing an error when attempting to save a boundary for some regions. This will be addressed in an upcoming update.

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