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Introduction to Customers
Introduction to Customers

Learn about the different types of customers and the customer contacts

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In the article, you will learn about:

Types of Customers


An Individual Customer is what the name implies - a person, rather than a company. Individual customers usually operate from a single location only, interact directly with your staff and is directly billed for using your services. If the individual is in contact with you as a part of a commercial enterprise, then they will be identified as a contact of the other type of customer called the Company Customer as discussed below.


A Company Customer could be a small or large business establishment, identified by its business name and business number (i.e. ABN, ACN, EIN, LLC). It possibly has multiple sites distributed across multiple locations.

Communicating with a company is usually through one or more individuals who work for the company and act on its behalf. You can add such individuals working for your customer directly as Company Contacts.

Company Contacts 

When adding contacts to a company, you can define them as:

Billing Contact

A representative of the Company customer who is in position of overseeing the finances and settling due payments to your company. 

Primary Contact

The main representative of the Company customer, who can be contacted to provide further information relevant to the services requested and needs to stay up-to-date on the business transactions between your company and its employer.

Site Contact 

If you set up multiple sites for a customer, you can add a specific contact to each site that is the primary point of contact at that location. The site contact information is available to Loc8 Mobile users.

Once you have added the contacts, you can easily set them as Alternate contacts or Requestor from within the jobs and quotes.

Engaging with Customers


Please read the article Configure Standard Notifications for further information on how to keep customers up-to-date with job progress.

General communication

You can store all of the common contact details against a customer, such as their phone, email, socials and website so that your workforce can reach out to any of them if they need to contact the customer.

Next up, see how to create customers and add their customer contacts under the collection Creating Customers.

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