Loc8 to Reece Integration

Learn how the integration connects Loc8 and Reece to map inventory purchased or order from Reece into Loc8 Jobs.

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The Loc8 to Reece integration gives you the opportunity to synchronise Reece’s invoices data to Loc8 Job. The integration also supports Reece’s Punch Out process that redirect you to Reece platform and build up shopping cart back to the integration associating the job you are working on.

Activating the Loc8 to Reece Integration

To know where in Loc8 do you access and activate the integration from see the article Enable Integration between Loc8 and an External App which discusses the four main steps involved in activating integration for any external app.

Configuration options during the activation process

For Reece, the configurations are as shown below:

With the sync invoices option turned on, Loc8 would poll for invoices looking for a reference field such as Job Number to map Reece Invoices line items’ data to a Job. You are required to select a default Loc8 Category for new inventory creation from Reece with empty category when selecting this option.

Once you have activated the integration, it will continue to remain active even when you log out from either of your accounts, unless you choose to manually remove the Reece app from the Integrations area.

What happens in Loc8 upon integration

You will notice the following changes in your Loc8 account based on the configurations defined for the data exchange for this integration:

The inventory items get synced to the Job’s Inventory Usage from Reece to Loc8 through the invoice synchronisation.

Reece products that are synced into job and not exist in Loc8 Inventory will be created.

Job List

The job list page will only display Loc8 jobs that consist of at least one quote/cart records from Reece.

Loc8’s job quotes page

This page can be access through the “View” from the job in Job List page or access it through Loc8 Job, which a button will only appear when you successful Reece Integration app through our AppStore.

‘Create Cart’ button

Upon clicking this button, the integration will redirect you to Reece product pages and allowing you to select the product you wanted to cart. You will be redirect back to this page upon check out and those details will be carry forward to the integration associating to the current job.

With this page, you can view orders that submitted or create order with existing carts that you added previously as well as Reece invoices which being sync through that belongs the job.

Reece ordering display with selected cart details. Contact name, number and email is populated by default accordingly to the job customer details as well as populating job address details if will be required by order type Delivery.

After entering those details and successfully created the order, the Cart is now an Order.

You can also view the order that you submitted with the details that you provided previously.

How will you know if the integration is active

At any time, if you want to know the status of the integration, check the timestamp against the Last successful poll in the header or HISTORY page.

Tracking the integration activities in History Log

All changes made to the synced in data while the integration is active is constantly recorded as the HISTORY log.

Having all the actions performed during the integration at one place makes the history log an excellent tool for tracking and troubleshooting sync issues.

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