The Loc8 to Deputy integration enables you to obtain a clear picture of the hours your workforce has performed on a job as soon as they key in their on-site and travel times.

Once the integration is turned on, any information available in Loc8 as the on-site and travel hours on a particular job is detect, those times automatically get displayed on the Timesheet feature of the Deputy app.

As a manager, you can enter the on-site and travel times in Loc8, and see it appear on the Deputy app where you can go on to approve the timesheets individually or in bulk.

This way the integration makes it easy for you to save hours on employee admin and create more time for the business.

In this article we will see how to:

  • Launch the Loc8-to-Deputy integrations app

  • Establish the integration

  • What happens upon integration

Launching the Loc8-to-Deputy integrations app

To establish a connection between Loc8 and Deputy, navigate from Settings icon -> Integrations and click +Add a new app.

From the list of apps you can integrate with, choose Deputy.

Then, click +Add app to start the integration process.

With the authorisation step, permit the data exchange between Loc8 and Deputy on continuous periodic sync-ups.

Once authorised, the Deputy app will be available on the INTEGRATIONS area as one of the added apps. Click LAUNCH APP.

This will take you to the page where you can establish the integration and monitor the status, error logs, recent updates and activities all on this page.

Establishing the integration

Till this point, the integration is not yet active.

To start the sync between Loc8 and Deputy, click Connect to Deputy.

The integration is established. This is indicated by Active and the Sync from Loc8 to Deputy is turned on.

What happens upon integration

The on-site and travel time corresponding to a technician on a job gets synced with the integration polling every few minutes and the same times can now be tracked on the Deputy side.

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