Release Notes - 27 April 2022

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Feature improvements and changes

Email sending compliance

  • Custom DMARC return-path configuration options are now supported so as to improve email sending compliance (in order to avoid spam traps) for customers using custom domain name sending.

  • If you are interested in setting up custom domain name email sending, please contact the Loc8 customer success team.

Region restrictions

  • For customers using the Region addon, we have relaxed the contact-lookup limitations imposed against workforce members who are configured with the 'Restrict to this region' option, specifically

    • When a region-restricted user / technician / contractor is editing a contact field on a job, asset, or any other entity in the system (i.e. asset 'Owner', job 'Alternate contact' etc), they can now lookup and select contacts outside of the regions they themselves are restricted to by clicking the 'Show all contacts' button in the contact list.

    • What else can region restricted users access? All previous restrictions remain unchanged. Restricted users / technicians / contractors cannot explore anything in the system outside of their regions, with this one exception of looking up and selecting contacts when editing a contact field. Please note that when looking up a contact when editing a contact field it is not possible to gain access to that contact beyond simply selecting it from the list.

    • What about contractors? All of the above points apply to contractors as well, however they cannot see contacts outside of their contractor portal, irrespective of any region restriction configuration.

    • Why was this change made? Based on customer feedback, it has become clear that there are a number of important use cases where a restricted user / technician / contractor needs to be able to select a contact that is either temporarily or permanently associated to different regions to themselves, however still working on the same quote, job, asset etc, such as selecting supervisors, or temp workers, or contacts that simply haven't been associated to the correct regions yet, and so on.

Workforce custom fields

  • Much like all other entities in Loc8, custom fields can now be added to workforce users, technicians and contractors from the workforce settings area.

  • Whilst this has been possible for some time, configuration required support from the Loc8 customer success team.

  • Please note that any custom fields that are populated against a contractor will be visible to that contractor in their portal.

Other minor improvements include

  • For customers using the Planned maintenance addon, it is now possible to export a list of schedule locations for a given plan to CSV, Excel or PDF.

  • When updating existing sites using the site importer, an empty site address cell will no longer remove the address of the existing site.

Bug fixes

  • Some issues that caused unexpected behaviour when using several system notifications have been resolved. Affected notifications were

    • Notify technicians when an appointment time changed (sending failed)

    • Notify technicians when an appointment is cancelled (sent erroneously when jobs were closed or completed)

    • Notify customers when an appointment is scheduled (sending failed)

    • All owner notifications (sending failed)

  • An issue that prevented some fields from being populated in customer message templates has been resolved.

  • An issue that prevented the correct date from being displayed in the asset Last updated field has been resolved.

  • Several improvements have been made to the reliability of customer imports

  • An issue that caused an incorrect start date to display when performing consecutive edits to maintenance plans has been resolved.

  • An issue that caused some planned maintenance jobs to be created without tasks has been resolved. A prior fix was released, though for a separate underlying problem.

  • An issue that caused incorrect positioning of the column headers in the project inspector has been resolved.

  • An issue that was causing log outs to redirect to the app login page as opposed to has been resolved.

  • An issue that caused map pins to not display has been resolved.

  • An issue that caused the asset information flyout in the job inspector task tab to not display has been resolved.

  • Several additional minor bug fixes.

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