Sync your Job Events with Google Calendar

Learn how to access Loc8-to-Google integration app to have your job events on Google calendar and receive reminders for your next schedule

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With the Loc8-to-Google Calendar integration, you can have all your job appointments from Loc8 now available as events on your Google Calendar so that you'll always know what's coming next.

Once the integration is enabled, your Loc8 account connects with your Google accounts. As a result of the integration you start receiving reminders on your upcoming job events just as you would for any other calendar activities. This helps in creating a seamless experience between the two systems without having to switch between Loc8 and Google Calendar.

How to get the Google Calendar Add-on and turn it on?

  1. Avail the Add-on for your subscription: You will have to get in touch with our Loc8 Support to make the Google Calendar add-on available to you so that you see the add-on on the Integrations section of your Loc8 system.

  2. Activate the Add-on: Anyone in your workforce who are assignable to jobs can activate the add-on from the Integrations area and make use of the integration to see the job events pop-in straight on to their Google Calendar.

How does the integration work?

With this add-on enabled, whenever a new action takes place in Loc8 with respect to the job assignment and appointment, it automatically syncs up with your Google Calendar. The action can be either creation of a new job, rescheduling a job appointment or deleting a job. Assigning a job to other users, will start showing the job in their calendar, provided they too have this integration enabled.

All of the changes made to your job appointments are available in a log history under the Loc8-to-Google Calendar in the Integrations area of your Loc8 account. In addition, you can also view global logs for job appointments associated with other people in your workforce who have this integration enabled.

This way, you and your team are aware of the quick changes that may occur in your day's schedule and stay on the same page without missing a beat.

NOTE: If a person has an active integration between their Loc8 and Google Calendar but for some reason their integration is temporarily inactive, they will not receive any job events on their Google calendar.

On reactivating the integration, they will only see the new updates that have occurred after the integration was reactivated.

Who can use the Loc8-to-Google Calendar add-on?

Anyone in your workforce who are assignable to jobs will have the permission to access the add-on. This includes User license, Technician license and Contractor Admins once you provide them access to the Contractor portal.

TIPS: We recommend you to avoid making any changes manually to the job events on your Google Calendar.

Any edits on the Google Calendar will not reflect on the actual job in the Loc8 system.

To make any changes to the job event, you will have to edit the job in Loc8 or contact the person who has the permissions to edit jobs so they can make the required changes for you.

In this article we will see how to:

Accessing the Loc8-to-Google Calendar add-on

To establish a connection between Loc8 and Google Calendar, turn on the integration from Settings -> Integrations and launch the add-on.

Once the integration is established, it will remain so even if you log out from either of your accounts, unless you choose to manually remove the add-on from the Integrations area.

Installing the Loc8-to-Google Calendar App

STEP 1 In the INTEGRATIONS area, lookup the Loc8-to-Google app and add the app to being the installation and autorisation steps.

STEP 2 Authorise the exchange of data between the two applications.

At this point, if you are not logged into your Google account, you will be prompted to do so.

Log in and follow the instructions on the autorisation screens.

STEP 3 Next, switch to Loc8. You will find that the Google Calendar app is now added to your Integrations area, ready for activation.

The Loc8-to-Google Calendar integration app is now installed. You will see it added under the Integrations area.

The Active label indicates that the connection between the Loc8 and Google Calendar has been established. Any changes in the job appointment in Loc8 will now start reflecting on the calendar on your device.

Viewing your job appointments on Google Calendar

STEP 1 In the Jobs workspace, create a new job. Then, assign the job and set an appointment.

You may perform these actions from the List view as well as from the Map or Calendar view of the Jobs workspace (where the Map or Calendar view will be available to you based on your user license permissions).

See the example below if you are using the Calendar view to create a new job and setting the appointment or for rescheduling a job that was created after the integration was established:

NOTE: Jobs that are in Draft state will not appear on the calendar unless the job status is changed to Open or the subsequent In Progress job statuses such as En Route, On Site or Checked Out.

You have set the appointment.

Now, this appointment will be available on the Google Calendar for all those assigned to the job, provided they are active on the integration.

STEP 2 Go to your Google Calendar and check for the synced in job event under the specific date and time.

To view the job in detail, hover over the job event on the calendar and a job card will expand with all the essential details.

In case you wish to make any edits to the job and you have the permissions to do so, you can easily navigate to the Jobs workspace in Loc8 using the clickable Job ID given in the job card.


  1. Only new jobs that were created after the integration was activated will be available on the Google Calendar. This implies, any update to the jobs existing prior to the integration will not appear on the calendar.

  2. You may have to refresh the calendar or clear the cache in case you do not see the new or updated job event.

Tracing the actions using Logs

STEP 1 Go to the Integrations area in loc8, and open the Loc8-to-Google Calendar app.

Under Your Logs, you will find all the actions that were performed on your job appointments till date.

STEP 2 If you wish to obtain a global view of all the actions made so far against the assigned users / technicians, click All Logs.

To know which technicians are currently active on the integration, see the list under All Technicians.

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