Release Notes - 15 April 2021

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New features

The basic Home screen has been replaced with a far more powerful dashboard space that will provide meaningful insights for users into the day to day activity across your Loc8 system, including

  • Helpful pods that provide an operational overview of your customers, workforce, and financial activity from quotes through to invoices. Each day as you use Loc8 and more data is accumulated these pods will offer progressively more insight and utility

  • A new dynamic panel on the right hand side of the dashboard which includes 'Quick links' and 'What's new' information about Loc8. This panel largely replaces the functions that were available on the old home screen

  • Moving forward we will be introducing specialised pods that provide more valuable insight into the performance of your business, as well as a new user and event based activity panel to see blow-by-blow details of what is going on across your Loc8 system

  • In addition, for customers who have purchased the dashboards addon the home screen can be upgraded to a full blown dashboard solution including multiple configurable dashboards that support custom layouts and the ability to add your own pods that are driven by the workspace views that you control. The options are virtually limitless. Please continue reading for more details.

  • Please note: The new dashboard-based home screen is not yet available to anyone in your workforce who is configured as a contractor, technician, or is restricted to viewing data in a specific region. For these users, they will still see the legacy home screen.

Leveraging the new home screen as a foundation, the dashboards addon now includes the following functionality

  • Firstly, all of your custom dashboards are now available using the new home screen grid which is far more suitable for day-to-day operational dashboards than the traditional full screen view. Whilst the new grid view is now the default for your dashboards, it has not replaced the traditional full screen view...

  • Any dashboard can be maximised to full screen by clicking on the expand icon. When in full screen all pods are increased in size to improve their visibility when displayed on a TV

  • The dashboard now supports workspace view pods from most major workspaces, including customers, quotes, jobs, invoices, assets, sites and workforce

  • Two new dashboard pods types are available, including list and map, which both display the top results for a selected workspace view

  • Previously the size of the dashboard pods were determined exclusively by whether a history graph was included or not. Now this is explicitly controlled with four available sizes. 'Tiny', which supports the basic pod type, 'Small' which supports the basic and graph pod types, 'Medium' which supports the graph, list and map pod types, and 'Large' which also supports the graph, list and map pod types

  • For customers who use our regions addon, the dashboard will now more accurately indicate the scope of the data on display

  • Broadly, the overall style of the dashboard pods has been improved from the legacy dashboard solution, and will see progressive improvements moving forward with the aim to provide a highly usable dashboard solution

Feature improvements and changes

Automation history has been improved

  • The existing overall history tab in the automation rule settings area now includes a direct link to the rule that triggered the event as well as a direct link to the entity that was updated. For example if the history record is for an updated job, you can now click straight through to that job

  • When viewing a rule, it is now possible to view history for that rule alone. In addition it is also possible to link directly to the entity that was updated for each history record

  • When viewing an entity, i.e. a job, the history tab now includes a 'Rules' option in the history type drop down. From here you can see every update to the job that was triggered by an automation rule

Other minor improvements include

  • Modifying an appointment date and time from the job inspector is now a little easier as the existing appointment duration is retained when the start date / time is modified. For example, if you have a 1 hour appointment that starts at 9am, and you change the start time to 2pm, the end time will be automatically set to 3pm.

  • Automation rules that are triggered by problem create / update events can now be conditionally filtered by 'Type', 'Reference' and 'Has resolution job'

  • Automation rules that are triggered by status change events now optionally pass the status change comment through to any outbound message actions

  • Several performance and stability improvements

Bug fixes

  • An issue has been resolved that was preventing line breaks / new lines displaying correctly when editing message templates and certain text fields throughout Loc8

  • When inspecting an asset the purchase cost is now correctly displayed and updated

  • An issue that was preventing the selection of automation rule action 'Notify contact' has been resolved

  • An issue that was preventing more than 20 problems from being displayed against an asset has been resolved

  • An error that was displayed when exporting customers has been resolved

  • An error that was displayed when changing automation rule actions has been resolved

  • An error that was displayed when modifying asset flags has been resolved

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