Release Notes - 23 February 2021

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New features

Workspace view colours have been introduced

  • Each major workspace now includes colours alongside the system views to make it easier to find what you're looking for, with colours predominantly based on the statuses in each workspace

  • These colours are now also displayed in the Job calendar to improve usability

The Job calendar has been improved

  • The Weekly and Work week modes now display time on the horizontal axis, with the vertical axis being used to group appointments by Assignee. This layout mirrors that of the Daily view and provides a more consistent experience when moving between Daily, Weekly and Monthly modes

  • With the improved layout in the Weekly and Work week modes, appointments that fall outside of business hours are now always visible as well, helping to avoid missed appointments

  • The colours of appointments in the calendar are now always based on job statuses rather than assignment, which was made possible by ensuring assignment is always visible in the Daily and Weekly modes.

Integrations and addons are easier to find and manage

  • The addons launcher in the main menu now includes integrations

  • Addons and integrations can now both be searched, sorted by category and viewed by plan

  • Addons can now be managed from the addons launcher rather than requiring a visit to the settings area

Feature improvements and changes

The maintenance schedule settings area has received some usability improvements and bug fixes

  • When creating a schedule, 0 is now correctly accepted for the Create jobs and Jobs are due offset fields

  • When creating and viewing existing schedule location frequencies, offset periods are now easier to read

  • When applying a schedule to locations in bulk, an error will now be displayed to indicate whether any locations were not added due to unavailability, conflicting active schedules etc

  • When applying a schedule to locations in bulk, parent locations are always chosen first to ensure the broadest application of the schedule to the asset hierarchy

  • When adding a schedule to locations, customer and location names are now easier to read

  • When applying the 'Starts' filter to list of schedule locations, only active locations with a start date are listed in the results

  • When modifying a schedule location future event, the date callout now correctly dismisses on first click

  • An error that appeared when deleting a schedule location frequency has been resolved

The automation settings area has received some usability improvements and bug fixes

  • The When part of a rule is now editable. As always, changing the When in the rule subsequently requires the rest of the rule including conditions and actions to be reconfigured

  • A notification is now displayed if a rule cannot be enabled due to incomplete rule configuration

  • Editing and modifying rules is now easier with improved click areas

  • The behaviour of the interface under various condition combinations have been improved

  • Automation history is now easier to read

  • Problems rule triggers are now only available in the problem rule context

  • SMS rule actions are now only available if the SMS addon is enabled

Email sending has received one further improvement

  • For customers subscribed to our Enterprise plan: Where a custom sending email address has been configured, outbound emails will now be sent in such a way that replies will return to both the custom sending email address as well as the unique Loc8 email address. This improvement bridges the legacy sending behaviour with the new behaviour introduced on the 22nd of December

Other minor improvements include

  • The workspace context menu is now easier to open and close

  • The contact lookup field when using the Share and export function no longer appears after hitting enter, improving keyboard utilisation

  • When using both the Region management and Problem management addons, problems are now associated to regions via the problem asset or site location, and subsequently filtered when selecting a region

  • The primary company details displayed on HTML web views are now more consistent with those on PDF exports, including the company phone number

  • The legacy Adobe Flash settings areas how now been removed, which included Maintenance schedules and Automation

  • For customers subscribed to our Enterprise plan: The ability to restrict the visibility of the Job inspector task tab has been introduced (requires Loc8 support assistance)

Bug fixes

  • The primary email address in company settings can now be modified as expected

  • When an invoice PDF is generated, the physical address displayed for the invoiced customer is now always the customer's primary address instead of the site address at which the initiated job was performed. This bug fix ensures that PDF invoices are now consistent with the presentation of invoices in the Loc8 web app, live HTML web views and invoices synced to 3rd party financial systems

  • As invoice PDFs now correctly include the customer primary address (see previous bug fix), all invoices now correctly display an address for the invoiced customer. Some invoices previously showed an empty address when initiating jobs were performed at unsaved site-based locations

  • An incorrect invoice rounding issue has been resolved, which was previously causing invoice total values in the main workspace to appear as if they were one decimal place less than the actual value

  • An issue causing site creator information to appear as empty has been resolved

  • An issue where opening and closing the workspace context menu would not refresh the layout has been resolved

  • An issue has been resolved that incorrectly caused the error "Unable to Access Specified Work Order" to display when creating jobs for users that had correct regional access

  • An issue that prevented the update of customer reference values has been resolved

  • An issue that prevented some jobs from being exported in the advanced exports area has been resolved

  • An issue that prevented automation rules from adding asset warnings for new assets has been resolved

  • An issue that prevented automation rules from correctly sending emails to the initial email sender (replies) has been resolved

  • The asset importer now correctly handles the Expected life ends date

  • The asset importer now correctly handles typical date fields

  • The asset importer now supports both the Purchase order and Purchase cost columns / fields

  • For customers subscribed to our Enterprise plan: An issue that was causing overdue payment banners to display without any detail has been resolved

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